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The Perfect Day Formula is priceless. These tools deliver lasting results that are exponentially more effective than what you’ll get from the latest “success app.”

The Perfect Day Formula Kit:

  1. Make More Progress on Your Big Goals
    • If you’re not achieving your goals it’s simply because you aren’t sure exactly how you should be controlling your days.
  2. Build Your Career & Grow Your Wealth
    • No one has ever stopped and taken the time to walk you through creating the blueprint for your PERFECT life like this.
  3. Spend more time with your family
    • Eliminate the shackles of working too much and too hard. Find the the freedom you’ve always deserved and desired.
  4. Finally make time to improve your health
    • It doesn’t matter how busy you are, how old you are, or what you’ve gone through before. This leave those stumbles in the past.

This wisdom, passed down from one generation of great leaders to the next, gives you the pillars of success for finally accomplishing your big goals. The workbooks, planners, and guides that you’ll receive as part of the formula show you exactly what changes to make right now to get the life you’ve dreamed about. This is as Done-For-You as success can ever get. You’ll now be able to attract the abundance, prosperity, and success that you so greatly deserve and desire after all these years of hard work. This is your opportunity to rewrite the story of your life and begin living your dreams.

About The Kit

Unlocking the 3 Secrets to Success Recommended by Millionaires and NY Times Best-Selling Authors you can learn in The Perfect Day Formula

Secret #1

Create Your Personal Commandments

Secret #2

Plant the 5 Pillars for Success

Secret #3

Identify Your Guiding North Star

This Success System Comes With A Coach!

Your Kit Purchase includes exclusive access to a series of short videos where Craig Ballantyne will personally coach you on how to use each component of the perfect day formula kit. With these tutorials form your virtual coach, you’ll be unlocking your Perfect Life in no time!

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