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War Room Mastermind 2020 FAQ


What is War Room Mastermind event 2020?

It’s 25k mastermind which happens every year.. Run by Joe polish.. Important strategies are shared by the mentors which helped them to scale..

What is War Room Mastermind group?

A mastermind group for entrepreneurs to help scale their businesses. Set up by Ryan Deiss & Joe Polish. It also includes further mentoring from Perry Belcher, Roland Frasier, Richard Lindner, Frank Kern. Definitely one of the best entrepreneur groups out there.

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Recordings of the events of War Room Mastermind 2020


The gatherings are the core benefit of your War Room Mastermind membership


The History of War Room (and why we’re all here) by Ryan Deiss


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It’s a question I asked myself prior to the last War Room event meeting of 2015
“How did we get here?”…or more specifically,
“Why are me, Perry, Roland, Frank and Richard running this group?”
It felt strange, and even a bit disloyal, to even ask such a question. It’s sort of like asking your spouse, “Why are we married?” It’s the kind of esoteric question that can yield a positive response if it’s asked in just the right way, but it’s far more likely to land you in hot water.
But it’s a question I asked, because it’s a question I felt needed to be answered.
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A Merry Band of Misfits


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Our Mission at War room mastermind 2020


100% Success Rate. No Member Left Behind

As a member, if you abide by our Core Values & Beliefs, you can’t fail. We won’t let you.
Sure, you’ll have your ups and downs (just like we’ve had and will continue to have in the future), but unrecoverable failure is simply not an option.
We will accept nothing less than a 100% success rate, and no member will ever be left behind! But this promise is contingent upon one thing…
…that our members abide by our Core Values
Now I don’t know about you, but I want to be associated with business leaders who share these Values and Beliefs.
I want to know that if I screw up, there’s a group of people who have my back.
And so that is why War Room exists.
And that’s what makes War Room different.
We aren’t in this group to take…we are in this group to give. That is the tradition of this group, and as a member it is your job to ensure this tradition continues.
If you’re inspired by this challenge, then I’m glad you’re here.

Welcome to War Room!


ryan deiss war room mastermind co founder


Co-Founder, January 10, 2016
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