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Learn how to make $300-$700+ per day in profits by using my proven and untapped method

[Even If You Have Zero Experience]

The Underground Way To Make $700+ Per Day On ClickBank

Have you struggled to get ANY results or earn money online before?

Would you like to know, how by following the exact steps in the “Commission Jumpstart” system I was able to grow from $0 to $1,000+ per day, and how I automated the process, so every day it brings positive cash-flow?

But more importantly, would you like to see how other regular people are able to use this very same system, to earn $200-$700+ per day without any prior experience or technical knowledge? 

My name is Ross Minchev. I am a full-time affiliate marketer and business owner.

In the past 8 years, I’ve gone from a broke as* kid, dropped out of college in my last year – not knowing English – ZERO digital marketing experience – and ZERO affiliate marketing experience – and became one of the top affiliates in America, generating $1,000s+ per day in commissions on ClickBank and other affiliate networks (image below).

And if you care at all, I was also featured as one of the top marketing data analysts by (Not trying to brag about it, but hey, not gonna lie I felt very proud of myself 😎).

ROSS MINCHEV Commission Jumpstart income proof review

No One Is Teaching Or Doing This…

The system I developed is still underground and nobody knows about it (despite my clients).

You won’t even see me talking about it on my YouTube channel.

For the past few years, I’ve been using this very same method to generate $1,000+ EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter weekdays or weekends, 365 days a year…

And this is because I cracked the perfect pattern for finding a high converting offer combining it with the special landingpage and bringing only the right traffic that will convert visitors into affiliate commissions using Facebook.

Here Is How Commission Jumpstart The System Makes Money 💵

I use my signature “sketch” Facebook ad with my AIP (Attract, Identify, Provide) method in combination with something called quiz-optin landing page.

Here is just a small test I did recently:

I spent  $184 on Facebook Ads. And was able to generate $546 in affiliate commissions from ClickBank, which leaves me with $362 in PROFIT in just one day, and I am running many of these campaigns every single day…

Here are the results of the test I did. This is an actual live campaign:

*And if you are wondering, I didn’t start spending 100s of dollars right away. I started with $10-$15 per day and scaled…

  • Facebook
ROSS MINCHEv facebook ads proof

Simple facebook ad, using my AIP method

Total Spent – $184.19

  • ClickBank Commission
Commission Jumpstart review

ClickBank dashaboard

Total Revenue – $546.35

Total Profit –$362.16

Every time I share this with my students, it works like a Swiss Watch

After implementing the exact strategies and methods I am teaching, some of my students and clients were able to generate $50,000+ 🔥🔥🔥


Who Is This Commission Jumpstart Program For?

This system is for anyone who wants to start making money as an affiliate marketer and wants to transform his/her life, by building an unshakable cash stream and dramatically improve their financial situation.

This includes anyone who wants to:

  • Learn my untapped formula to easily generate money as an affiliate marketer
  • Wants to scale to $1,000+ in commissions per day
  • ​If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start
  • If you want to learn expert tips to give you an unfair advantage in making commissions  on ClickBank
  • If you are looking for an easy to follow a step-by-step system that can  easily generate $500-$1,000+ in affiliate commissions profitably
  • Learn how to build successful passive income 
  • ​​Discover powerful techniques that can be implemented in any online business
  • Outsmart all the other affiliate marketers
  • ​​Discover underground methods and strategies that NOBODY is using
  • ​​Acquire new valuable skills to secure more revenue

…in short, if you want the cheat codes to make commissions as an affiliate with less work, this is for you.

ROSS MINCHEV Commission Jumpstart

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