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WildFit Program: a groundbreaking health methodology that rapidly & permanently reshapes your health & body into optimal state. Just as nature intended.

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Join The Founder of WildFit program, Eric Edmeades, In This Real-Time Group Quest To Unlock Superior Health For You And Your Loved Ones

If You’re Constantly Struggling With Your Weight & Health, You’re Not Alone…

  • Maybe you feel ‘stuck’ in your current body, no matter how much you diet or work out…
  • Maybe you feel your self-love and self-confidence taking a constant beating as a result…
  • Maybe you constantly give into unhealthy food cravings, instead of choosing what’s good for you…
  • And maybe you’re not even sure what food you should be enjoying, and what you should be avoiding.

If any of these describe you, know that your struggle ends here. Not through yet another crash diet or grueling fitness plan…

But with WildFit Program: a groundbreaking health methodology that rapidly and permanently reshapes your health and body into their optimal state. Just as nature intended.

But first, it’s crucial that you understand…

The Real Culprit Behind Your Health & Weight Struggles (It’s Not What You Think)

the wildfit program mindvalley

All your life and everywhere you look, from the classroom, to television and magazines, to the grocery store, to your well-meaning parents and role models…

You’ve been force-fed the wrong information about food.

You’ve been trained to crave deadly chemicals and additives, so companies can get you hooked on their food and make more money.

You’ve been taught bad and obsolete nutritional science, because the people in power haven’t updated their knowledge.

And you’ve even been given healthy eating ‘solutions’ that just don’t work in the long run, so you can stay stuck in a never-ending (and profitable) cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

In other words: your relationship with food has been sabotaged – and it’s not your fault.

The good news is that with the right knowledge, you can undo this sabotage. And it starts with understanding…

The 5 Deadliest Health Myths You’ve Been Forced To Believe

  1. Calorie In, Calorie Out
    • As a student of human evolution, WildFit founder Eric Edmeades observed something interesting about the African tribes he spent time with: they never dieted, yet had great muscle tone, amazing energy, and extraordinary fitness. This led him to realize that much of modern dietary wisdom is off the mark. Counting calories is meaningless, because the body just doesn’t work that way.
  2. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)
    • Despite what the textbooks tell us, there is no daily recommended diet. Our bodies have evolved to eat annually. We go through different stages and require different foods in different seasons.
  3. You Need A Personalized Diet
  4. The Food Industry Wants To Make You Healthy
  5. You Must Exercise To Be Healthy

Transform Your Body & Health With WildFit Program: A System That Changes Your Relationship With Food, Without Starvation Or Exhaustion

Meet Eric Edmeades: The Extraordinary Man Behind WildFit Program

Eric Edmeades is an international speaker, author and the architect of several highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world.

Prior to this, he was a serial entrepreneur involved in several big businesses including the Lucasfilm spin-off, Kerner Optical and his first successful venture, The ITR Group, a supplier, integrator and maintainer of IT equipment.

In the world of evolutionary biology and nutritional anthropology, however, Eric was an accidental hero.

Suffering for most of his teens and early 20’s with severe allergies, sinus troubles, throat infections and acne, he was only weeks away from a surgery to take out his tonsils when a friend of his urged him to attend a personal transformation seminar. That seminar ended up not only *clearing up 10 years of chronic symptoms *but it changed everything he believed about health and food.

Since then it has been his life’s passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. And that the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.

Eric created WildFit Program as an easy, structured and step-by-step system which anyone can use to attain basic physical fitness. And a long, healthy, enjoyable life.

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