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You’ve seen it everywhere, people making thousands posting videos that don’t;

  • Show their face
  • Have little to no editing skills
  • Have any real experience
  • Make the videos themselves

So how are they able to make this work, considering the competition and lack of skills?

Simple answer, YouTube is a BUSINESS, so treat it like one!

Imagine how many HIGH quality videos you could produce if you had an experienced team working around the clock to produce content that’s entertaining, clickbait AND copyright free. Well, I’m going to show you how to build your DREAM team and how you can get ENTIRE videos made for as low as $12. Most gurus will set you up to pay $30+ and brag about it, but not here…

So what are you really going to learn?! Well, take a look at the course curriculum here 👇

Welcome To Cash Cow Connoisseur

So, if you haven’t met me, my name is Victor and I run Pivotal Media (Click to visit) and a couple other channels I refer to as “Cash Cow Channels”.

I designed this advanced course to give you a graduate level view at everything YouTube, and show you the secrets and tactics that all the YouTubers are holding back on.

You WILL learn the working methods that top channels use, how to run your channel with a team, or all by yourself, all my resources that I’ve kept secret for years, and most importantly, all my hard work.

You Think You’re Just Buying 1 Course?!

Well, you’re far from right. Throughout the 80+ videos (5+ hours of content) I’ve created, you will be learning EVERYTHING I know (NO knowledge held back), and the tips, secrets, and tactics I’ve learned from over 15 different successful YouTubers courses.
Imagine compressing the hardships, wins and collective experience of ALL your favorite YouTubers.

SO, Is This Really Worth It?

Well, like I mentioned, you’re getting a lot more then JUST my course, you will also receive a downloadable file with 200+ resources and templates including thumbnails, banner arts, animated texts and animated popups (subscribe, like, etc.)

The way I imagined this course was the ability to invest a one small-time fee for EVERY resource, site, working strategy, and step by step blueprint for beginners and advanced, and have complete confidence that you can make this happen, without breaking the bank.

I’ve been told my YouTube channel is like a FREE online course and has gotten NUMEROUS comments and DMs either thanking me for giving out such valuable information, OR mentioning they found more value in my free videos, then they received in the courses they invested in… I think that’s complete BS and made it my mission to create a course unlike no other.


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