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Want to learn couple dancing TODAY? Don’t go to dance lessons!
Try a 28-day Latin Bachata Dance course for couples who’ve never danced before

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If you’ve ever wanted to…

  • Know how to move at a party and not feel ashamed when dancing
  • Share a new hobby (fun, dynamic, and easy) with your partner
  • Start a new activity that makes you move and that is not a hard and boring gym routine.

I have something for you!

Hey, I’m Javier!

And up until a few years ago, I haven’t danced a day in my life! Let’s be clear.
We men dance just enough to avoid looking like idiots, and that’s it.
Why? Because no one has ever taught us how.
Just think about it, from a young age if you are a girl you are encouraged to do ballet, hip-hop, sport dances, modern dance… and if you are a boy: soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, rugby…
So of course that in your twenties you look like a tree holding a beer in the disco.
We keep getting older and we still do not learn even the basic steps (which take 25 minutes to learn, by the way).

I learned to dance 4 years ago, when I was 26 years old, which means that I spent 8 years (from the age of 18 when I started to party) moving as much as a deep-rooted plant in the disco or, if I did move, looking like I suffered from chronic lack of coordination.
Before then I was a rocker who only did sports like street workout, soccer or videogames (now we can call them ‘e-sports’ haha).
I even have a tattoo of the rock group Arctic Moneys on my right arm.
Dance and I were not good friends.
Then I decided that it was time to stop making a fool of myself every time there was music playing, so I signed up for Latin dance classes.
Well, I’m going to tell you that I thought it would be way more complicated, because my coordination is zero and I have two left feet.
In the first class you already learn the basics, and you already seem to know more than 99% of the population.
After 10 classes, you already know how to dance to songs and look good doing it. If you want to become a professional dancer, you have to spend years working on it. But to know the basics, have fun and look good on the dance floor, a few lessons can go a long way.

Now, it’s me, Kristina!

I’m a professional dancer (from Croatia) with 16 years of dance experience and this is Javier (from Spain), my amazing partner.   We met on the dance floor four years ago when Javi was a total beginner 😄
Our relationship is just like everybody else’s.
We fight, laugh, get bored and enjoy all the drama of being a couple.
But we have one simple thing that makes us stronger, more passionate and more confident each day. We dance together.
Dance is our passion.
And we want to inspire couples across the world to start dancing.
We want to show you that you can do the same.
And trust me. It’s much easier than most people think.

javier and kristina bachata chemistry


bachata chemistry download

A 28-day Latin Bachata online course for couples who never danced before.

  • Your new couple’s hobby
  • Never feel awkward dancing again!
  • Learn fast and enjoy all your life!

Here’s What You’re Actually Getting When You Sign Up Now To ‘Bachata Chemistry’

  • Bachata Chemistry Course
  • A 4-week Bachata course from scratch – Beginner-friendly – 12 videos
  • 4 video classes of body rolls, mobility and flexibility
  • Our special playlist with 50 romantic, fusion, modern and dominican bachata songs
  •  Lifetime Access (Value: $147) 

3 Bonus Classes: (+10 lessons) BONUS: Dominican, sensual and fusion bachata style (Value: $20)
 BONUS: Our 6 special, romantic Bachata movements (Value: $20) 
BONUS: Dance exercises for couples! (Value: $10)


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