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Eyal Yanilov’s Online Krav Maga Video Training SystemTraining videos from the #1 krav maga authority in the world. Download max krav maga course here

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Eyal Yanilov’s Online Max Krav Maga Video Training System

Eyal Yanilov
Eyal Yanilov

“Whether you are a Max Krav Maga student, an experienced martial artist, in military/law enforcement or a complete beginner to self defense – My videos will teach you a tremendous amount of real life, easy to learn, usable self defense techniques. Your self defense skill set will greatly evolve with my video training system.”

-Eyal Yanilov, Founder of

Training videos from the #1 krav maga authority in the world.

My online video training system  was designed for you:

Krav Maga Students

Already train krav maga? Get much better, much faster! Krav Maga students who use supplemental training can improve their skill set and knowledge up to 50% faster than those who do not.

Remote Training

Don’t have a krav maga gym around you? Let Eyal be your own personal instructor. Many of our members are in this exact situation.

Martial Artists

Train other martial arts? Grow your skill set by adding Krav Maga to your arsenal. “Diversification is the key to an efficient attack” – Sun Tzu

Law Enforcement

Are you in law enforcement? Learn proven reality based Self Defense Techniques that work. Eyal trains police units, swat teams and correctional officers from all over the world every year.


Are you in military? Learn proven reality based Self Defense Techniques that work. Eyal trains many military units and special forces from all over the world.

Complete Beginners

Complete beginner in self defense? We got you covered with absolute beginner videos to start with Krav Maga is based on reflexive and natural body movements which makes it simple to learn and extremely effective.

Learn Krav Maga straight from the source: Who is Eyal Yanilov?

I always tell people to make sure you know the history and experience of the person teaching you self defense. This is extremely important … for the same reason you would want the best doctor to operate on you and not a “rookie MD”.:

We are talking about situations that have to do with physical harm and sometime even life and death – this is not something you want to put in the hands of someone who is not equipped to teach you things correctly. So on that note, here is a brief summary of who I am and what I do

The Max Krav Maga curriculum is structured into five practitioner levels and five graduate levels. Each level is accompanied by the official KMG training syllabus

My training videos were planned and produced with one objective, being a: clear, easy to understand, easy to follow learning tool.

Every technique is presented through various different angles and speeds, with on screen graphical help tools such as arrows, zoom ins and spotlights to make sure you know what to focus on at all times.

The videos are not meant to be “action footage” – they are instructional videos meant to transfer knowledge from me to you.

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