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Athleanx Xero 2
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XERO2 is a full 90 Day, Tri-Phase total body muscle building system that provides options based on what equipment you have access to:


Delivers results with absolutely no equipment.


Same as XERO path but provides additional muscle basic building exercises for people with a pull up bar.

Even More Options:

Unlock even more exercises by using common household items such as a door, staircase, kitchen counter, chair, etc.

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AthleanX XERO 2


Ask any strength coach worth their salt the best way to build an impressive back and biceps and they’ll tell you to get good doing pull ups and chin ups. Not only will they improve your aesthetics and overall total strength but nothing is more athletic, or functional than having the ability to pull your entire body off the ground and crank out a set. The pull up bar is a simple, inexpensive piece of equipment that can be a complete game changer delivering incredible results. That’s why we created an entire path for people with access to a pull up bar. More options, more workouts, more gains!! sp


What equipment are needed in Athlean X xero 2

You don’t need anything whatsoever to complete XERO2 however if you have a pull up bar or are willing to use a few household items (stair case, door, table) you can unlock dozens more exercises and variety.

How long does each workout take?

About 45 minutes

Can Women do Xero2

Absolutely! XERO 2 is a challenging bodyweight program designed to build muscle and burn fat. If that sounds like something you’re up for then by all means give it your best!

Is Meal Plan included?

Yes! XERO2 comes with our popular X-Factor Meal Plan. Our most popular meal plan features options for those who want to focus on adding size while maintaining their leanness as well as a shred option for those looking to get as ripped as possible.


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