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Passive income for Beginners – 20 mins to setup financial freedom

Anna Macko
Anna Macko Passive Income for Beginners

Course Curriculum for Passive Income For Beginners

  1. Welcome 01:23
    1. 1. Welcome FREE PREVIEW 1.2. Welcome 1.3. Is 12% Really Guaranteed? Yes! USD equivalent 1.4. 6% – 8% – 12% 18% returns Live Zoom Calls
    2. The Set Up Phase 36:06 2.1. Overview of the steps What you need Documentation More Safety First for peace of mind Passive Income – up to 12% returns! Better than real estate as no nightmare tennants! Let’s wash our hands.. I mean computer 🙂 Passive Income – The Magic Place IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA Passive Income Look Around Before you get your 12% return there is this step Passive Income Set Up – Video A Passive Income Set up – Video B Notes for Video C Passive Income Set up – Video C Passive Income Setup Video D Passive Income – Moving this thing In You’re Set up! Other option
    3. sales page
  2. Set Up Details 05:30
    1. Set up Details
    2. What do I need
    3. Support
    4. Verified Free Money – This is what it will lo
    5. Free Money – This is what it will look like complete
    6. If issue do this
    7. Details showing in real time
    8. Summary
  3. How to retire early 06:21 3.1. To your freedom How to retire early Do better math to make more money Strategy
  4. How to speed up your earnings How to speed up your earnings Better Numbers Coming Soon! Live
  5. How to drive a new car forever How to drive a new car forever Coming soon Coming Live
  6. How to Get Things Paid for You – Benefits – Cash Out – Subscriptions How to Get Things Paid for You – Benefits – Cash Out – Subscriptions Coming soon Live
  7. Mindset – How to work on yourself to become a better you Mindset Coming soon Live
  8. The 8% Theory The 8% Theory
  9. The 12% Theory The 12% Theory
  10. How we added $21,360/year revenue to my client’s income in less than 2 weeks 06:16 How to get extra money! How we added $21,360/year income
  11. For Canada Because of Fluctuation 04:24 Canada – More Stability For Canada do this for Fluctuation For Canada Do this for Fluctuation Note
  12. More Good Money Making Tips 19:15 Look at these RULES to get a things forever (vacation for life) Freedom & Fancy Stuff More money for you & Less to the tax man Rules! Important Rules for The Wealthy
  13. What’s next? What’s next
  14. Bonus Module Bonus Module

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