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Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In ShineOn 100k 👇


  • Mindset secrets for overcoming lack of confidence, procrastination, perfectionism, or just simply not knowing what to do
  • Over-the-shoulder videos of the ShineOn Platform and features you may not know about
  • ​​The hidden anatomy of 6-figure products and campaigns
  • ​​Where the “money niches” are and how to target them
  • ​​The EXACT easy-to-follow DIRT SIMPLE process I use to consistently find 5 and 6-figure products
  • ​​The ONE SECRET to finding success with ShineOn POD that nobody talks about
  • ​​How to setup your foundations for success, including Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Pages, and more
  • ​​The magic formula to create winning phrases
  • ​​Examples and breakdowns of winning ShineOn products
  • ​​My top 3 research methods that will help you find winners easily
  • ​How to create designs with no skills, or how to outsource design for cheap
  • ​​How to use Facebook targeting to find buyers
  • ​​My secret pixel optimization hacks
  • ​My favorite testing methods that work TODAY


The ENTIRE Course (Valued at $1,995)


We know your time is limited. We know you don’t want to spend your time doing anything you’re not supposed to be doing. That’s why I created this course to be all killer and no filler. This course tells you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, so you can have the highest possible chance of success using ShineOn Print On Demand.


Facebook LIVE Training Bundle (Valued at $999)


Now you don’t have to spend your time hunting around in the Facebook Group or Youtube trying to find all of the training we’ve put out. When relevant, we’ll upload it to the course so that you’ll be able to reference for years to come.


Money Niches List (Valued at $199)


Don’t waste your time on broke or low-quality niches. My Money Niches List shows you the exact niches where big spenders hang out. Hint: It’s the opposite of what is currently taught in the market today.


Facebook Emergency Guide (Valued at $399)


Facebook is an uncertain platform to advertise on these days, and almost everyone gets an account locked down from time to time. In this guide, you’ll learn what you can do if your account ever gets banned or restricted to increase your chances of getting it back.




Frequently Asked Questions


Will this work for me if I am brand new?


Absolutely. In fact, the material in this course assumes that you are starting from square one with NO KNOWLEDGE of how to be successful with Print-On-Demand. GET Shine on 100k today


What if don’t have a large marketing budget?


No problemo! I teach several low-budget testing strategies in this course that can be modified to suit any budget.


How much more is in this course vs. what you share online in the Facebook group, live calls, and your email list?


I try to be as helpful as possible on a number of different platforms, but the fact is, everything I share is in snippets. There’s a nugget here, a nugget over there, but unfortunately, platforms don’t allow me to really present the whole picture. The course is the full story. It’s everything you need to know from beginning to end, put together in an organized way. In the course, I go into a TON OF DETAIL about how do POD successfully.


Is it actually possible for me to do well with POD?


Absolutely. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started, but I got some training and it literally skyrocketed my success. If you take this training you’ll have a major advantage over where I was when I first started.


How long does it take to see results?


This all depends on the skill level you bring to the table and how much action you take. However, when students follow the steps outlined in this course we’ve seen some of them get sales from the very first product they launch. Other students take longer. But this course will put you on the right path to accelerate your results!


GET Michael Crist ShineOn 100K Download

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