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How to Land Your First Client in the Next 30 Days…Even If You’re a Total Beginner With No Experience


If you’re just starting out as a freelancer and want to land your first ever client then this is for you…
We’re gonna shoot straight with you and tell you something that most so-called “gurus” won’t tell you.
Getting your first client is the hardest part of freelancing. Once you get your first client you just need to follow a set of principles to replicate that success and progressively increase your rates. (Which we’ll talk about more in a minute.)

Why is getting your first client the hardest part? Because there is no ONE way to get your first client. There are countless ways.

The Freelancer Freedom Course by Stefan Georgi and Ian Stanley

Freelancer Freedom is a course designed to get you high paying clients that you LOVE working with. Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or looking to get your first ever client, we’ve got you covered.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a copywriter, email marketer, coach, agency owner, web designer, graphic designer, etc…the principles and strategies work across the board.
We covered every aspect of freelancing from getting clients, to charging more, to which clients to say no to, and a whole lot more.

Module 1 is one of the coolest parts of this product is the case studies section.
We got case studies from 15 different freelancers on how they got their first clients and grew from there.
I’ll shoot straight with you – the most important client you’ll ever get is your first one. But there’s no ONE way to get your first client. That’s why we made these case studies for you.
All 15 strategies work – but you want to pick the strategies that resonate most with your personality and skillset. (And we’ve done the leg work for you so you can make your decision on which strategy to follow within 60 seconds.)
If you’re looking to land your first ever 4-figure client ($1,000+) then this is the section you’re gonna fall in love with right away.
Here’s exactly what you’ll get in Module 1:
Video 1: Welcome to the course
Video 2: Mindset with Ian and Stefan


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