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Product name: Glen Allsopp SEO Detailed Blueprint

“A proven, step-by-step system with exclusive, cutting-edge SEO tactics you can start using today” This is not some boring “Here’s what a title tag is” training course.

If you know my previous work, then you know I wouldn’t dream of putting something like that out to the world. Detailed Blueprint covers insights that have never been included in any other SEO training program. With advice on how to know what applies to your specific situation, so you can get the most impact from your efforts. With step-by-step videos, checklists, worksheets and a thriving community, you’ll have everything you need to rank.

You’ll get an SEO strategy designed to level-up search traffic for your specific business.

Detailed SEO Blueprint
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You’ll get unique link building strategies that are white-hat and scalable that you won’t read about in any other program.

You’ll learn how to find key phrases to target that aren’t already saturated by big brands, yet can still send significant search traffic. You’ll know not only how to identify the biggest on-site issues that hold sites back, but unique ways to find them as well. You’ll get specific insights on which content ideas get people talking, and how you can create them yourself and you can be sure everything is based in real world results, rather than just theory.

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