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The First Ever Course Designed To Help You Extract Your Wisdom and Profit From A $355 Million A Day Industry By Running Highly Impactful and Profitable Small Groups, Workshops, Communities Or Masterminds…

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Incredibly Designed 4 Module Training Course”The Knowledge Business Blueprint”: Learn How To Extract Your Knowledge, Fill Your Events,Seamlessly Run Them Online Or In Person &Profit From Someone Else’s Knowledge Free Year Of The Mindmint Software:The Curriculum Designer, Point And Click Web Builder And Event Wizard. 

 The Private KBB Facebook GroupThe In-Depth KBB Workbook


The Best Of Platinum – Get access to closed door trainings that only people who paid $85,000 have had access to…until now! 

Live Monthly Training With Dean – Stay on track to your full potential by learning Dean’ biggest breakthroughs LIVE every month. 

Funnels To Fill – Learn the “Next Level” marketing strategies to fill your events automatically from one of the best on the planet; Russell Brunson. 

Traffic Bundle – Get the traffic secrets training from Dean’s personal “In House” marketing team.

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