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The 80/20 Laws of Chaos, Crisis and Convergence

I am introducing a new real-time online training called Slingshot Recovery : 80/20 Chaos, Crisis and Convergence by Perry Marshall. It will continue across four high-density online presentations complete with study guides, guest presenters and shortcut cheat sheets.


YES… I know people have suddenly appeared everywhere, offering presentations and interviews, both free and paid. About being agile, embracing abundance; having a positive mental attitude and being proactive and all of that.

You don’t even have to get on those calls because I can already summarize what they’re gonna tell you:

  • “You have to adopt an abundance mindset.”
  • “The Chinese symbol for danger is the same symbol for opportunity.”
  • They’ll suggest breathing exercises and yoga… possibly include Social Distancing Survival Kits with wipes and hand sanitizer… perhaps with food rationing tips.

Slingshot Recovery plumbs far greater depths. This is no mere pep talk. I am opening the vault to the 80/20 levers, the secret sauce, the pattern recognition toolbox fueling my own predictions that will empower you to recognize the meta-patterns that drive the world and the future.

This is not a drive-by shooting of dirty hacks and shallow techniques. Or publicly traded stocks you’re supposed to buy or short in the next 30 days. And it’s not gonna be “obvious” stuff like “switch all your conferences from hotel ballrooms to Zoom.” (There. I already told you that one. Now we can move on.)

This is deeper. It’s more fundamental. Life altering. You will be employing these strategies next week, one month from now, one year from now, five years from now and 20 years from now.

How many online trainings can make that promise with a straight face?

Dear Marketing Professional:

Shelves that were piled high with toilet paper and hand sanitizer now sit empty in every store in America.

You are now being forced to send employees home — under government orders. Not your choice.

Business owners are wondering how long the chaos will last — and what to do about it…

I’m having these conversations daily. In the last 36 hours I’ve had consults with 20 different people about this very issue.

Consults in the last two days included…

  • Gyms
  • Bowling alleys
  • Dentists
  • Accountants
  • Sales & business strategists
  • Real Estate
  • Roofing
  • Mortgages
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • School curriculum
  • Capital equipment for manufacturing
  • Professional speakers

As you can see, these are NOT info products sold through Google Ads. Only a minority are “internet marketing.” Planet Perry is fast becoming action central for COVID-19 business problem solving.

What advice are we implementing TODAY?

Not just to survive this chaos…

But to set ourselves up for a Slingshot Recovery once America stumbles out of our forced social distancing, bleary-eyed and ready to resume our lives?

FAQ For Slingshot Recover by Perry Marshall

Q: What do I get?
A: Four recorded webinar modules with handouts, transcripts and an online calculator that will help you judge markets and assess risks.

Q: What do I have to do?
A: Change your habits. How you think and what you do.

Q: Will changing my habits be hard?
A: Yes. Not as hard as living with the consequences of not changing your habits, though. You will change your morning routine; the questions you ask yourself; the lenses by which you evaluate businesses, products and risk.

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