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AthleanX Core 4 Abs also goes by name Core4 Abs


By combining the latest in athletic training with an unmatched command of anatomy and physiology, CORE4 ABS combines strength training and performance with injury prevention and ab popping aesthetics.

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Men & Women just starting out:

  • With Excessive Body Fat
  • Who Lack of Muscularity
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Self-Conscious of Appearance

Men & Women who workout:

  • Lean / Muscular But Weak
  • Stagnant Strength Gains
  • Nagging Unexplained Injuries
  • Postural Flaws


The Workouts

  • The Classic Core
  • Combat Core
  • Championship core

The Meal Plan

What good is a 6-pack if you can’t see it?

Losing fat has never been easier! This simple to follow meal plan provides the step by step guidance to make sure you never fail again, while keeping it adaptable and flexible to your specific tastes and goals. No calorie counting or measuring required – and STILL get shredded!

Abs Meal Plan Includes

  • Newly updated day-by-day Meal Plan & Supplementation Guide
  • Adaptable to meet specific tastes and goals
  • No calorie counting or measuring required
  • Proven to get results!

Can I do this program if I have never worked out before?

Yes! Core4 Abs features 4 different levels of difficulty starting with rank beginner going all the way up to elite level athlete. Whether you’ve been training for years or you’re just starting out, you can get results with it!

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Traditional ab training consists of randomly selected exercises that often ignore the true functional capabilities of your core. ZONE 1: LOWER RECTUS / TA

The key area for bracing during big lifts. Underdevelopment here can result in low back injury and a protruding lower abdomen. ZONE 2: UPPER / MID RECTUS ABDOMINIS

The often-termed ‘six-pack’ is most important for its ability to prevent (not produce) motion in all planes. ZONE 3: OBLIQUES / SERRATUS ANTERIOR

Critical for three-dimensional power generation and performance without sacrificing spinal stability. When optimally developed, these muscles also provide a waist tapering effect.  ZONE 4: LOW BACK / LUMBAR – NOT SHOWN

Weakness here can result in recurrent back spasms and/or pain, as well as postural breakdown.

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