get anna macko 2% theory class bundle free download

GET Anna Macko 2% Theory Class Bundle

GET Anna Macko 2% Theory Class Bundle HERE

Anna Macko – 2% Theory Class – Go From $1K to $1M in 1 Year with the 2% Theory

This bundle includes: The 2% Theory + Crypto On Fire + $100/day

Anna Macko

About the instructor

This class will teach you how to make passive income – The set up is less than 20 minutes and your returns are guaranteed in USD – Average 12% Returns Per Year – There are different options

Volatility of markets and crashes do not affect us

* I am not a financial advisor

* This is not financial advice

* This is simply what I do with my own finances

* Please be aware – my social media accounts have been hacked – there are people who stole my photos & imitating me & going by different names with my photos – this is not me – they either selling you fake products that change all the links that take you to scammy platforms OR they ask you to send Bitcoin to them – Or they act as a broker – you do not need a broker –  please do not send bitcoin to anyone – Use a credit card to pay for this course as when you use proper channels, you get protected

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In this Anna Macko 2% Theory Class Bundle you will learn:

  • Step-By-Step Video Training to Trading Cryptocurrencies that brings in Profits almost Daily
  • Learn How to Invest like a Boss!
  • Get Strategies to Double Your Investment
  • Get Spreadsheets & Worksheets to help you track, plan and trade
  • The Russian Dolls Strategies ( The simplest way to trade Cryptocurrencies! Even an 8 Year old used it! (btw 18+ recommended)) 
  • Technical Set up for Beginners will feel so simple when you’re done
  • The Tiger Tails Strategy and finding profitable entry points
  • How to tweak your trading strategy into rockstar freedom!
  • How to Become a Cryptocurrency super hero
  • How to never get liquidated again! Important Lessons here to fight off losses.
  • How to make an income trading crypto!
  • So many more winning strategies and formulas!
  • Anna goes behind the scenes on how she pulls in 10% even 900% trades! These are profitable return on investments and shows exactly how you can profit with your crypto trades, too!
  • Always have like-minded people to support you and talk to in the private Facebook group
  • Get examples, templates, worksheets and tools to help you get going

Who is “The 2% Theory” good for?


  • Good for beginners – the strategies are designed to show each step from the very start as someone who has zero previous knowledge
  • Many experienced traders who are tired of losing trades take on the strategy in the 2% Theory and win trades instead of cutting losses and losing
  • Countries where this works best: Australia, Canada, Europe, UK are the easiest to set up and get started. USA students have an extra step for one of the strategies and it only takes less than an hour to get that one working! 
  • We don’t provide tax advice as each country has their own laws, however we do have a section with tips and guidance however we highly recommend students get a professional accountant to go over Capital Gains and Capital Losses (in Canada the tax is the same as real estate). In Malta there is no tax on each trade. Details discussed in the class and it is recommended to keep track of what you put in, and what you get out and you are taxed on the profits (what you win is taxed minus any expenses incurred like this class which is an expense you subtract from your profits as it falls under education). (The man wants their cut just like at a job or when selling a house!)  
  • World-wide students, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa – Literally anywhere in the world there are work-arounds and ways of doing this.

This bundle includes: The 2% Theory + Crypto On Fire + $100/day

GET Anna Macko 2% Theory Class Bundle

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