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The Module Road-map: A Quick Module By Module Glance Of What You Will Learn

1. Organic Traffic Strategy

  • How do websites get traffic?
  • Website Strategy Overview
  • How do websites make money?
  • 6 Month Growth Strategy
  • How to Rank in Google
  • The Long Tail Keyword Strategy

2. Niche Selection

  • Niche Selection 101
  • Keyword Sampling to Find a Niche
  • Understanding Google Page 1 Competition
  • Find Your Dopplegangers
  • Tools to Help Verify Your Niche

3. Branding, Hosting & WordPress Basics

  • Branding & Domain Selection
  • Picking A Host
  • Hosting Setup
  • How To Setup WordPress For Success
  • Best Plug-Ins To Increase Site Performance
  • Best Affiliate Plug-Ins To Increase Earnings

4. Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research Building Blocks
  • The Keyword Justice System
  • Keyword Research Core Formulas
  • Keyword Research Scoring Spreadsheet
  • The ‘Robin Hood’ Method
  • Big Money From One Small Change
  • Freeword Research

5. On Page SEO Optimization

  • The Alpha Male Content Strategy
  • Writing The Perfect Title
  • Article Structure to Maximize Rankings
  • Content Length, Types, and Templates
  • Content Scoring Spreadsheet
  • Optimizing the YOAST SEO Plugin
  • Affiliate Links, Images, and Tables
  • The Content Refresh Strategy
  • The Perfect Affiliate Review Template
  • The Keyword Cannibalization Killer

6. Link Building Essentials

  • Link Building and Outreach Essentials
  • Broken Link Building
  • Stealing Competitor Backlinks
  • Help a Reporter, Get a Link
  • The Link Magnet (Perfect Roundup)
  • Creative Link Building Strategies

7. Other Traffic Strategies

  • Organic Pinterest Traffic Engine
  • Pinterest Automation
  • Building a Facebook Following and Driving Traffic
  • Building a Winning Facebook Ad

Is Organic Traffic Formula Right For Me?

I’ll be honest. This course isn’t for everyone.

This isn’t a system that runs itself. You need to do the work. Here are a few ways to tell if this course isn’t the right fit for you.

Organic Traffic Formula Is Not For You If…

  • You have trouble following directions and try to figure things out as you go
  • You plan to only do the bare minimum expecting to see MASSIVE results
  • You think you can build a 6-figure revenue in just a few months with no experience
  • You think ‘Black Hat’ tactics are a good idea
  • You want a magic bullet that immediately solves your problems without having to do any work

Organic Traffic Formula Is Right For You If…

  • You want to start a new site and are prepared to commit to doing the work
  • You have an existing site not getting as much organic traffic from Google as you’d like.
  • You want to add viable side-income to your savings account
  • You plan to implement and follow the suggestions outlined in the course
  • You like having everything laid out for you in the exact order needed to accomplish it
  • You don’t want to waste time on unproven or sketchy strategies to drive traffic
  • You want an organic traffic system that will grow your existing site or help quickly scale and monetize a new site by starting with a solid foundation

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